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Healthy Eating Equals Healthy Kids

Healthy eating for your child
Children between 2 and 3 years old want to get to know everything and progress rapidly. Their eating habits also change drastically during this age: they learn to eat by themselves, they develop animosities towards and fondness for certain kinds of food. Often children inherit their parents' good or bad habits and keep them throughout their lives.

Physical activity is another rather substantial part of a child's development. Children want to rampage, run, jump, climb up trees, hop, overcome obstacles, swing and crawl through pipes, among other things. Lack of physical activity can impinge on children's development, even during the early years. It may adversely affect quality of living in adult life.

Tips for healthy eating

A balanced diet covers your child's energy needs sufficiently. You can easily do without special children's' foods. These often contain too much sugar, fat and additives.

Do not force your child to eat! If they do not like anything, they just might spit it back out. Often children have to taste new foods several times before getting used to it.

Provide your child with several meals distributed throughout the day.

Shared meal time fosters healthy eating behavior.

Try to make healthy foods more attractive. If you know your child does not like broccoli or has never tried it before, try to give it a child friendly name, like green trees or bubblegum sticks.

Tips for healthy motor activity
Offer your child sufficient room and incentives to move. For example a matrace to roll around on, tumble or jump or provide opportunities to climb and hike.

Provide your child with opportunities for positive body experiences.

Children need at least one to two hours daily of physical activity, best outside and disregarding weather conditions.

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