Sabtu, 24 Maret 2012

Eating Healthy For Kids

With a little effort you can actually trick you kids into eating more healthy snacks and meals. The trick is to disguise them and make them believe that healthy foods are actually delicious treats.

1. Something nutritious covered in dark chocolate. Dark chocolate is known for it's antioxidant benefits and it does not have all the sugar that milk chocolate has. For example you can give them dark chocolate covered bananas or strawberries. You can even let them help you make them.

2. Substitute turkey for beef. In any meal that calls for ground beef, use turkey. As long as it's seasoned well they will have no clue. If you are really bold use veggie protein or tofu.

3. For snacks make sure you alternate between healthy and fatty foods. For example: During the week give your kids nutritious snacks such as apples and peanut butter, frozen bananas, and yogurt; then when the weekend comes you can let them splurge. This will help to teach them moderation.

4.If your children love juice more then water then give them both. When you open a new bottle of juice pour half into a pitcher and fill the pitcher with water. This will water down the juice so your kids won't be getting as much sugar as well as helping you to stretch your budget.

5. If your children balk at the site of a healthy well balanced meal, just give them smaller portions of the foods they don't like. If they hate peas but love corn, give them more corn and less or no peas; don't try to force them to eat what they don't like (would you like that?). Just give them some choices so they feel they have a bit of say so about what they eat.

6. If you generally like to bake sweets then give you child a set amount that they can eat per day or week. that way they can learn to ration.

7. Always, Always, Always lead by example. How can your children be motivated to have healthy eating habits when they see no example of it. Monkey see, monkey do.

With a little bit a trickery you can get your children to eat more healthy snacks and meals. Eating healthy diets for kids can help them to remain fit as children AND all the way to adult hood. Its very easy if you use your imagination.

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